About the Park


he proposed Massachusetts horse park would combine a high-end equestrian center, a horse retraining/retirement farm, and a race track for Thoroughbred horses. The equestrian center, capable of hosting indoor and outdoor dressage, eventing, and hunter/jumper competitions, would be anchored by a large indoor arena with stadium seating. There would be ample space for conferences and trade shows, 4-H activities and meets, local community recreation, pleasure riding, agricultural and artisanal markets, and equine health studies and services, among other uses.

Equestrian Center

The horse park’s equestrian center would be capable of hosting elite national events generating $31.7 million in annual output, supporting 280 full time jobs and generating $14.5 million in new household income across the Commonwealth. Event visitors and participants coming from out-of-state, as well as the center itself, would spend $16.7 million annually.

Retraining & Retirement Farm

The horse park would also include a retraining/retirement farm for up to 40 horses whose competitive careers have come to an end. A review of existing Thoroughbred retirement facilities indicates that they have the potential to become significant tourist destinations in their own right. The study suggests that such an operation would draw roughly 7,000 out-of-state visitors per year, provide 11 full time jobs, and generate a total economic impact of approximately $800,000 per year.

Race Track

The Thoroughbred racing component of the horse park is expected to yield $66.3 million in annual output and sales statewide, with 75 racing days during a typical season between May and October, 9 races per day, 800 horses in residence throughout the season, and an average of 3,000 spectators per day. This level of economic activity would support the creation of nearly 664 jobs, which would add roughly $38 million of labor income to Massachusetts.


Groups across the state support creating a new horse park for Massachusetts, including:

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