Local Impact

UMass Study Finds Horse Park Would Create Jobs, Generate Business, and Protect Agricultural Land

Massachusetts could readily support a world-class, year-round horse park that would create 950 new jobs, generate $90 million in new business and $5 million in annual state and local tax revenues, and protect thousands of acres of agricultural land for future generations to enjoy…

Save farms and open space.

The most common farm in Massachusetts is the horse farm—nearly 30 percent of our state’s agricultural land, on nearly 1,200 family farms, is dedicated to horses. These farms need a thriving equine network in order to continue operating. By establishing the Massachusetts Horse Park, we will help these family farms resist development pressure and protect thousands of acres of agricultural land for future generations to enjoy.

Create jobs.

The creation of the Massachusetts Horse Park will generate more than 950 year-round jobs throughout Massachusetts. Preserving our state’s equine heritage will support jobs for stable workers, veterinarians, blacksmiths, horse dentists, exercise riders, jockeys, racetrack employees, and racing officials. Countless small local businesses across the state that sell hay, grain, tack and equipment will also benefit. Local hotels, restaurants, and other parts of our tourism economy will profit from the thousands of out-of-state visitors to the Horse Park.

Attract investment.

Events at the Massachusetts Horse Park, including equestrian competitions, 4H shows, and Thoroughbred horse racing, will generate millions of dollars in annual economic impact through visitor and competitor spending. The annual new economic impact is expected to approach $99 million. Events and spending that now occur out of state will stay in Massachusetts, where they will benefit local businesses and workers.

Generate revenue.

Economic activity resulting from the facility’s development will generate $5 million in state and local tax revenues each year, helping to fund our schools, public safety, and other critical services.